PA Share

No Longer Available

The PA Share existed from Feb 2014 to Dec 2016 and was borrowed around 330 times by over 90 members. It existed as a model for other PA Shares and we are proud of the run it had. Thanks for being a part of this community and for keeping it running so smoothly for so long. 


Why a PA Share?

DIY PHL and its related programs/events hope to break down barriers to participation in our scene. Limited access to expensive gear is a hurdle that prevents many from setting up their own shows or events. To combat that we purchased a PA — complete with mixer, mics, stands, and all necessary cables — with community funds from First Time’s The Charm, an event that featured 17 brand new bands, each of which included a musician who had never played in a band before and emphasized diversity and inclusiveness.

What gear does the PA Share include?

(3) Sennheiser e 835 Vocal Mics

(1) Mackie Mixer in a carrying case

(2) Speaker Stands with Bag

(2) Peavey PR 15D Powered Speakers

(2) 50ft speaker cables

(3) Mic Stands: 2 booms, one standard

(4) 30ft XLR cables

(2) extension cords

(2) power strips

How does the DIY PHL PA Share work?

  1. Become a member. Members pay a small yearly fee of $10, which will be used for repairs that result from normal usage of the PA. This fee is negotiable and can be waived if necessary. Once you sign up as a member, you’ll be invited to a brief training, which will walk you through the steps of setting up and operating the PA. To sign up for a membership, email
  2. Check the calendar and submit your request. Does the day that you want to use the PA look free? If so, fill out this form. Requests must be received a minimum of 48 hours before your requested date. After you submit the form, one of the PA Share coordinators will respond to you within 72 hours and reserve the requested date on the calendar and arrange for pickup. We’re asking members to submit no more than three requests per month, so that everyone gets an opportunity to use the system.
  3. Pick up and return the PA. Members are responsible for transporting the PA to and from its home base in West Philly within one day of the start and finish of their event. There are a lot of parts, so when you pick up the PA, you’ll have to initial a checklist acknowledging that you’ve received them all. We’ll do the same thing when you return it, to make sure everything made it back. If something is lost in transit, you’ll be accountable for replacing it in a timely manner. You are in charge of this community resource when it is checked out under your name, so be sure to monitor its usage during your event to make sure it is being handled correctly.

What kinds of events can I use the PA Share for?

DIY shows, movie screenings, plays, meetings — whatever you can think of!

I have more questions!

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