Camp Candle / Jaguardini / Ships in the Night / Gender Work

Friday, June 22, 2018
The Pharmacy
All ages

Camp Candle - Sticks and stones can't break the funk. She is Hetepsa. He is Nu Ra. Together, they are CAMP CANDLE.
From Philadelphia, Camp Candle are bringing listeners a new wave of indietronica, with a sprinkle of hip hop.

Jaguardini - RVA - Jaguardini treats music like a science project, combining the sounds of old video games and synthesizers to create a live blend of energetic synthpop and nostalgic chip beats.

Ships In The Night - Charlottesville - Ships in the Night drifts between the worlds of night and day, past and future, reality and illusion. Songwriter Alethea Leventhal’s ethereal vocals float effortlessly over electronic waves of synth and drum machines.

Gender Work - Queer experimental synthpop act for rainbow unicorns.

$ 8
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8 - 11
1300 S 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19146