Thursday, June 1, 2017
All ages

DIYPHL has chosen to take an indefinite hiatus to give DIY spaces and communities time to breathe. 

It has been a truly hectic, heartbreaking, exhausting, and overwhelming year for most of us and we are confident that inspiring and motivating things will spawn as a result of this past year. Thank you for everything you do that has kept us all going all these years.

This project has been an amazing way to feel involved in Philly music communities over the past six years and we appreciate y'all taking a chance on it when it popped up. It has also been a lot more work and has lasted for much longer than we ever anticipated. 

Thanks to all of the visual artists who graciously donated their time and talent to the monthly print calendars. Thanks to the folks putting their homes on the line to create safe community spaces. Thanks to people pushing back and calling out. Thanks for creating things and stepping outside of comfort zones. Thanks for taking care of one another. See you around.